Healthy Glow Co.

The Healthy Glow Collective is a community and resource that encourages women to live a healthier, vibrant lifestyle and glow from the inside out. When Katie, Monique and Lee came to me interested in creating a fresh and vibrant brand … we all just knew we’d be a good fit. Their amazing recipes and work ethic combined with my clean aesthetic and e-commerce knowledge were a match made in foodie heaven.

Before we got started we had to first settle on a name. One group conference call later we fell in love with the simplicity of Healthy Glow while incorporating the .co for Collective and that’s how Healthy Glow Co. was born! After intense rounds of logo work, color tweaking, branding the voice, and developing the artistic direction we were finally ready to get to photographing to be able to tell our story online.

Check out the site design here.

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