Tara Rochford Nutrition

Tara Rochford came to me wanting to streamline her business and change her name and create a brand new website to celebrate it all so we did just that for her. Tara is a registered dietitian and helps students over at Butler University but she wanted to add more to her plate (no pun intended, ok maybe pun intended). We created a new brand for Tara under her full name so she can document her lifestyle and continue to coach students and clients alike. Here are some highlights from our mood board, final logo concept and her new business cards. Full site design coming soon.


business cards

Fit Foodie Finds

Today we are finally getting around to sharing the new Fit Foodie Finds site redesign. After working with Lee a few times she was really excited to finally give her blog a refresh. We cleaned up her logo to reflect a slightly more mature audience (but still maintaining the fun) and incorporated a ton of custom and unique content blocks that Lee can implement around her site via her totally custom backend to keep her site fresh and exactly what she needs to be at all times.

BYOBeauty Holiday

Tis the season for all things festive and bright. A yearly tradition to bring out the holiday decor, so why not for your website? We always love Courtney’s contagious cheer this time of year (whoa, I rhymed) and always happy to help her put a holiday spin on her site.

Highlight Covers

Ah … the ever changing landscape of social media and advertising. In the past year Instagram has evolved and changed and the newest trend out of the social media giant is Insta Stories and the ability to save your expiring stories indefinitely to your “highlights” at the top of your profile. This creates an opportunity for profile visitors to see your content again and again and/or if they missed the chance to see it in their feed. We helped long time client, Kat Tanita create custom branded cover graphics for her profile that were unique to her and helped achieve a more “on-brand” look to her profile.