Margo and Me Website Redesign

Margo & Me Redesign

Another amazing site done with the girls at GoLiveHQ. This was one of the biggest TKO’s we’ve ever done and surely the most challenging. Jenny of the lovely Margo & Me came to us needing our guidance and expertise. She had a strong vision for her audience and high hopes for how they could further engage with her content. The goals were to improve the way her readers searched for posts, engaged with her content and browsed her beautiful imagery and newly added video element.

I created unique pockets of information intertwined in her main categories to maximize exploration of all the fantastic content on Margo & Me. Last but not least, I turned my attention to her iconic logo and gave it a much needed refresh with an updated, custom ampersand that fit better between the words. A good website is way more than just how it looks but how it functions as well. We made sure every little detail was looked over and infused a bit of Parisian flair wherever we could. The goal: to make it feel as if you were walking into the chicest french apartment you ever saw.




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