Bring Your Own Beauty

Working with Courtney was a breeze. In this latest collab with Go Live HQ, Courtney trusted our expertise and we really listened to her wants and needs. She needed a fresh website that reflected her new brand direction. She’s was struggling with her old site and felt it didn’t engage her audience or give them proper access to what they needed right away. I designed a super sophisticated header that highlighted (visually) what Bring Your Own Beauty is all about. My favorite part of the design is her new #CourtChat section where she can post past Snapchats for her readers to watch as she reviews her favorite beauty products. Simplifying the acronym (and logo) from B.Y.O.Beauty to Bring Your Own Beauty also streamlined the ultimate goal of Courtney’s blog: helping others be the best version of themselves and inspiring others to bring their own beauty everyday. You go girl ::high five::


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