Katie’s Bliss

Happy launch day to one of my newest favorite clients. Katie came to me wanting a custom site (re)design for her WordPress blog where she writes about fashion (and affordable steals), fun new products, nyc hot spots, and best of all down right REAL advice. I helped Katie narrow her focus, organize all of her amazing content, and give her a new look to showcase her upgraded photography. Go check out the all new Katie’s Bliss and soak in all the amazing tips and tricks she has got for you.

Before and after animation below. Check out more of my WordPress blog redesigns here.

The Modern Essential

Who doesn’t love (or want to love) essential oils? I got quite the lesson when I designed this gorgeous, sophisticated and aspirational Squarespace website for Kristen of The Modern Essential for the girls at GoLiveHQ. She is all about education women on natural ways to live a luxurious life through essential oils and inspiring them to be more intentional. I love that Kristen wasn’t afraid of color, overlays, texture and mixing fonts because it all just makes it that much more modern. Go check out her peaceful new space!

New York, New York

Not sure if being from New York makes you totally batshit crazy or really awesome. Either way I’ve always attributed it to my insane work ethic and ability to juggle a million things at once. I almost work better that way, which is ludicrous. This mood board has been so fun to pull from these past few days because working with local clients rocks. Same time zone, same vibe, way easier to relate in general. After wrapping up a whirlwind work week where I had to make some self sacrifices, I’m super happy that I got so much accomplished. As Frank Sinatra so famously said, “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps and find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap.”

Jasmine Lee Photography

Sometimes you really just have to love Showit5 … and of course the team at GoLiveHQ for letting me work with some amazing clients that reach out to them for websites. This latest project for Jasmine Lee Photography happened to be one of my all time favorite blog (and overall site) designs I’ve ever done. I mean would you look at those cool angles. It’s times like this that I really love that platforms like Showit5 are pushing the industry standard and allowing web designers like me to really design and implement … bring their creations completely to life on the internet. Aside from a new modern logo, and elegant typography choices I didn’t have to do much to make Jasmine’s amazing photographs stand out and really shine. Congrats, Jasmine on your new pretty total knockout of a site.