Blog With Me

Second time working with the lovely Marianna. She is working on a new business venture to help others become bloggers, you tubers, and social influencers with all of her amazing knowledge and tips. We created this simple (but on-brand) website for her so that others can be alerted when the full site launches. Done for the awesome girls at GoLiveHQ. Do you want to become a blogger? Head to Blog With Me, sign up to be notified and in the meantime let’s get started creating a new site for you!

The Global Bazaar

Really excited to share a new Brand Creation I am wrapping up. In the midst of the final still coming together here is a sneak peek at the mood board. I will do a full post soon, this is definitely going to be a good one. ;)


Kate Tik

One  year ago we were launching Kate Tik a new website! Done for the girls over at GoLiveHQ, I created a new space for Kate using the Squarespace platform. As an interior designer and a fashion blogger, Kate Tik needed a spot to house both her work and passion together. By creating a new logo, adding in some beautiful design touches, a clean and gorgeous layout and spot-on typography, I was able to give her a space to document her design filled life.