Blog With Me

Second time working with the lovely Marianna. She is working on a new business venture to help others become bloggers, you tubers, and social influencers with all of her amazing knowledge and tips. We created this simple (but on-brand) website for her so that others can be alerted when the full site launches. Done for the awesome girls at GoLiveHQ. Do you want to become a blogger? Head to Blog With Me, sign up to be notified and in the meantime let’s get started creating a new site for you!

The Global Bazaar

Really excited to share a new Brand Creation I am wrapping up. In the midst of the final still coming together here is a sneak peek at the mood board. I will do a full post soon, this is definitely going to be a good one. ;)


Kate Tik

One  year ago we were launching Kate Tik a new website! Done for the girls over at GoLiveHQ, I created a new space for Kate using the Squarespace platform. As an interior designer and a fashion blogger, Kate Tik needed a spot to house both her work and passion together. By creating a new logo, adding in some beautiful design touches, a clean and gorgeous layout and spot-on typography, I was able to give her a space to document her design filled life.

A New Mood

I’ve been exploring my process over the course of this year. I can’t believe it’s already April already. I’ve been doing a bit more thinking about how I approach the client on-boarding process as well as the early design stages and setting the overall tone for the project. Back in the early days I never in a million years would let the client make the mood board.

Not only was this not how I was taught (at the advertising agency I started out at) but it’s also not really their job to know what is best for their brand (visually, that is). However, over the years I’ve been convinced and even been taught a different approach where you let the client chose and then base your decisions based off of that. This process yield much faster results but I have found, as a designer … there is always something a bit “off” or “forced” about it when I get to the actual design (whether it’s the logo or the typography or even sometimes the color palette). Sometimes it doesn’t make sense conceptually and/or what they like doesn’t mean it’s good for their brand. As I slowly dive deeper into figuring out what works best for me and my clients I’ve been doing somewhat of a hybrid study.

I’ll have them show me some inspiration and then I’ll take over and curate a board (or two). Although this client board didn’t work for them, I have to say it is one of my most favorite mood boards I’ve ever created and would be so excited to create a brand around this. Who knows, maybe I’ll save it for a new business venture in the future. ;)