Custom Website Theme for GoLive HQ

A Good Homepage

Homepages are tough, man! I wanted to do a blog post on an anatomy of a good homepage and what it takes to get it there. Today’s post is a behind the scenes look at my process of designing the Everyday theme for Go Live HQ and how our team brought this website design to life.

1 // Consider the platform

First off I want to say that all platforms are different. Whether you are building in WordPress, Squarespace, Showit or on any other of the many platforms out there you need to first consider the limitations as well as the abilities of each. Some have different strengths and weaknesses. Use both to your advantage. Let this be the first thing you think about but the last thing you worry about. Below is the final design for the Everyday Showit5 theme.


2 // Forget the platform

Forget what I said above and do not let this influence your ideas. I know, I’m crazy. Now I am speaking to designers and to clients when I say this: sometimes you have to just get your ideas down on paper without holding back and see what comes out of it. I always think outside of the box when I design a site. Who wants to see the same website layout over and over again? I always try and push the boundaries as far as I can and then reign it back in to what is actually achievable. Below is the original design for the Everyday theme.


3// Remember your audience

Below you’ll find my second draft of the homepage for Everyday. Because we weren’t getting these custom developed, and instead creating user friendly themes for consumers, we had to reign it back in and adjust our navigation and other elements accordingly. A simple move to have the nav be sticky and logo on top helps free up a lot more possible scenarios for people to enjoy this theme and customize it to their brand.



Whether you are a designer or a creative entrepreneur looking to give your old site a face lift and tackle a new homepage design with a professional designer, I hope this little behind the scenes sneak peek helps you when you are sketching out and concepting for your next site. You can view the entire site here and also shop it (for sale) here at the Go Live HQ shop. Happy website designing. :)

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